Center Of The Universe

Double IPA
16oz. cans (single, 4 pack)
1/6 barrel kegs
50 liter kegs
Brewer's Notes
Brewed with YCH CryoPop blend.
Featured Ingredients
YCH CryoPop Blend
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Tasting Notes

Center of the Universe pours a deep golden hue with aromas of mango, berries, stone fruit and citrus. This beer uses a special hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops that brings concentrated fruit character with less bitterness.

About The Brand

Brewed in partnership with Fat Head’s Brewery. Two of Ohio’s most notable IPA brands came together to brew this double IPA. Together we partnered with Yakima Chief Hops to experiment with some of their most exciting new hop blends. Center of the Universe uses YCH CryoPop which concentrates lupulin for intense aromas.

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