Crocodile Tongue

Crocodile Tongue

Wood Aged Sour w/ Ohio Peaches
500ml bottles
Brewer's Notes
Notes of fresh, juicy peaches with a subtle funk. 2018 Bronze & 2022 Gold Award Winner – World Beer Cup®.
Featured Ingredients
Aged in Oak Wine Barrels
2.5 lbs/gal of Fresh Ohio Peaches
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Tasting Notes

Crocodile Tongue is one of the most unique beers in our lineup. A traditional, barrel-aged sour brings a funky, complex flavor profile to the beer. Crocodile Tongue pours a dark golden hue and brings a subtle sour funk with a juicy peach character from fresh Ohio peaches.

From the Brewers

Barrel aging is a passion project, especially when it comes to sours. This beer uses a base golden ale that’s placed in oak wine barrels for 12 to 18 months. It’s also dosed with classic sour micro-organisms which give it the distinct taste and aroma. Our patience is then tested once more as the beer conditions on fresh Ohio peaches from Branstool Orchards that are hand-cut by our team. As we said… passion project.

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