Insane Wanderer Vol. III

Hazy IPA
Limited Release
12oz. cans (6 pack)
1/6 barrel kegs
50 liter kegs
Brewer's Notes
A light haze with notes of tropical fruit, fresh oranges, and grapefruit.
Featured Ingredients
Galaxy® Hops
Vic Secret™ Hops
New England IPA Yeast
Malted & Unmalted Wheat
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About the Brand

Installment three in our ever-evolving series of IPAs. The latest volume features Galaxy® and Vic Secret™ hops which are both known for bright tropical aromas.

Tasting Notes

Volume III features a moderate haze with a bright, white head. It’s brewed with unmalted and malted wheats and flaked barley for a pillowy mouthfeel. Galaxy® and Vic Secret™ hops bring notes of tropical fruit, fresh citrus and stone fruit.

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