Steel Dawn

Steel Dawn

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
12oz. bottles (4 pack)
Brewer's Notes
Big, bold notes of chocolate, oak, bourbon, molasses and vanilla.
Featured Ingredients
Chocolate Malts
Roasted Barley and Oats
Aged in Bourbon Barrels
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Tasting Notes

Steel Dawn is a rich, yet delicate balance of flavors. Aged in fresh bourbon barrels for 12 months, this imperial stout pours a rich, opaque black color with a tan head. The flavor profile brings all your decadent favorites into one beer with notes of chocolate, vanilla, oak, bourbon, toffee and molasses.

From the Brewers

Steel Dawn is a study in patience. Barrel aging beers requires time to develop complex flavors and they’re definitely a passion project. They also require the wisdom to know exactly the right moment to pull each when the flavor profile is most developed. Give into your impatience and the flavor will be too weak, wait too long and the flavor can make the beer undrinkable. But if you hit the right moment, the result is truly special.

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